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Instantly start communicating with animals!

Beloved pet

Ever feel like your animal is trying to tell you something but you're just not sure what it is?

Are you wondering???

  • If your pet is happy?
  • How can I improve their life?
  • What does my pet need?


Introduction to Animal

Communication workshop


Learn how to start communicating with animals in these two 2.5 hour pre-recorded workshops with real animal communications and feedback! Listen to the workshop recordings and practice along with us! You'll be amazed at how quickly YOU can learn to do this!

pet sitting

"Thank you for showing me that communicating with animals is possible for anyone!

I enjoyed the workshop! You are very kind provide such uplifting feeling & that I may be able to communicate with animals!!!"

Debbie N

What is Animal Communication?

Even though humans communicate verbally and animals communicate another way, Telepathy is the Universal Language

How Does it Work?

It's a 2 way dialogue that is silent. Communicating is sending and receiving information through images, feelings, thoughts, using any or all of our 6 senses.

We all have this natural, innate ability but most of us stray from our intuitive power because it is not nurtured nor spoken of in our modern world. This workshop will help you reawaken your ability!

How I started!

During my childhood I was talking with animals, however, as I grew into young adult it faded, then it became suppressed. This is very common!

Dog Paw Prints

Then in 2013, one of my cats (named Fulligan) was ill at the time. I decided to have an animal reading to better understand his wishes. During that session, my intuition and abilities were “re-ignited”!

I immediately knew my calling was to be an Animal Communicator - to help humans understand their animals both in body and spirit. And to teach others like you to do the same!



This style workshop I took to further my abilities & Now I am a full-time, professional Animal Communicator.

What to Expect

Overview of what animal communication is.

The various ways to receive telepathic messages & how to enhance your psychic & intuitive abilities

6 animal communications with feedback from the live class

Take home Heart Cord Meditation

Group discussion and Q&A

What students are saying...

Liza N.

I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful workshop on Communicating with Animals! I can say that I now feel much more confident in my abilities to communicate with my own furbabies as well as my pets that have passed away. It was really fun having the opportunity to try to connect with different animals and receive immediate feedback from the parents of the pet after learning the steps to communicating. I feel like I understand my dogs on a deeper level now and I feel like I can be a better mommy to them. I look forward to joining your other workshops in the future! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this life changing opportunity!

Victoria A.

I didn't know exactly what to expect with my first workshop with Dulsanea but it far exceeded my expectations. We got right into the process and I was shocked at how much information I was able to get and how on point things were. Workshop participants were very excited and engaged as well. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I feel like I got a great introduction to what could be a very successful future communicating with animals!

What students are saying...

Rebecca V.

I was lucky enough to attend Dulsa's most recent communicating with animals workshop. Dulsa did an amazing job of teaching us to trust our thoughts and relax to allow information to flow. Everyone in the workshop was able to pick up on thoughts and energy from the featured animals, everyone. If you are interested in learning to communicate this is a must attend course! I can't wait for the next one.

arthur & simone

Ericka A.

I had the opportunity to take Dulsanea’s Animal Communication Workshop and it was honestly one of the greatest things I have experienced to date. During the workshop I was able to connect with three animas, both living and in spirit. This was my very first time learning about animal communication and I was surprised by what I was able to do. I was able to receive some accurate information from the animals and even awaken new senses in terms of receiving this information. Dulsanea’s guided meditation was also one of my favorite moments. For the first time I was able to completely relax and be present in the moment of meditation. For anyone out there who is thinking about taking this workshop, DO IT! Everyone can do this! This experience overall was 10/10. Loved it!

Ready to learn? Let's get started!


Introduction to Animal Communication

Workshop Recordings

This purchase is not for a LIVE workshop.

This is for the recordings of the two most recent live workshops.

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